An Old Time Christmas Radio show
"A Christmas Carol " 
by Phillip Grecian.

October 2, 3 & 4 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm 
This joint effort between BDACT and WBEV/WXRO is being held at the community theater, 219 N. Spring St., in Beaver Dam. Please use the side entrance on 3rd street and check in at the make-up room before coming downstairs. Also bring your potential conflict dates.

There are roles from ages 8 and up. Many adult roles available. NO memorization is required. Emphasis will be on reading and facial expressions.

This will be a fully costumed radio show like the ones performed in the 1940's. Limited rehearsals until we get closer to the live performance dates. The show dates are December 15, 16 and 17. One of the performances will be taped for a future replay on the radio.

Sound effects will be done live on the stage so people are needed for that as well as lighting and stage crew.

This is a fun and easy way to give the theater a try!

Scripts are available for perusal at Beaver Dam, Horicon and Mayville libraries!

Any questions please contact director, Dan Bell at 920-387-3923 or producer, Diane Rabehl at 920-296-3172.



Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre

Artistic Director Job Description

Under the direction of the Managing Director and in support of the Beaver Dam Area Theater’s Mission Statement, the Artistic Director helps to ensure the artistic health and growth of BDACT.


  • Oversee the production of professional quality shows within budget.

  • Create a solid pool of voluntary qualified directors and production personnel through aggressive recruitment and by providing education, training, and hands-on learning.

  • Provide continuity and a long range vision to maintain overall balance and variety of production performance genre and theme.

Goal 1: Oversee the production of professional quality shows within budget

Related Job Duties:

  • Assure quality in technical areas of every show such as sound. Lights, costumes, sets, and props.

  • Establish a positive relationship with all staff, voluntary and employed.

  • When necessary, as determined by the managing director, direct one of the four main stage shows and/or Stage II productions.

  • Be present at auditions and, at the request of the director, assist with casting when needed.

  • Support and encourage show production staff as needed.

  • Attend artistic director and production conferences, workshops etc. and facilitate networking for all BDACT, with any necessary funding to be approved by the board.

  • Work with the Managing Director to ensure a consistent and appropriate public image in all internal and external communication. Broaden the involvement of BDACT in the community by serving as a spokesperson and liaison on behalf of the theater.

  • Assist in developing and managing programming budgets.

  • Together with the production management team, assess equipment for safety and usefulness, reporting concerns to the Managing Director.

  • Create a monthly report for the board of directors.

Goal 2: Create a solid pool of voluntary qualified directors as well as on-stage and off stage production personnel through aggressive recruitment and by providing education, training, and hands-on learning.

Related Job Duties:

  • In the spirit of community involvement, aggressively encourage and recruit volunteer directors who are qualified and / or are interested in further developing their skills.

  • Attend rehearsals and provide feedback as appropriate and needed, giving support, encouragement, and cooperation.

  • Supervise the maintenance and implementation of written procedures and manuals for technical, directorial, and production staff.

  • Supervise and support the volunteer management team (costumes, props, sound, and lights).

  • Encourage, support, help organize, and, at times, even facilitate training sessions, workshops, and other educational opportunities. 

Goal 3: Provide continuity and a long range vision to maintain overall balance and variety of productions especially with regard to genre and theme.

Job Related Duties:

  • Encourage, inspire, and develop ideas for second stage programming, such as short plays, play readings, etc.

  • Expand revenue sources by contracting and organizing tour shows, guest artists, etc.

  • Provide outreach opportunities such as group attendance at professional theater productions, visiting artists, and workshops by professional theater resource people.


Time which is necessary to achieve the above stated goals and job duties. It is understood that this position is part time with the potential to grow with the organization.


To apply, please send your cover letter, resume, and references to:

Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre

P.O. Box 216

Beaver Dam, WI 53916



The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre has become a vital organization for our communities, offering so much opportunity for education and entertainment to everyone of all ages. For our youth, it is a “door” to explore their talents and future career choices, as well as a way to build their self-esteem and enjoy positive childhood experiences. For adults, it gives opportunities to discover and show talents, to build skills, to establish new friendships, and to gain a great sense of pride in their accomplishments.


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