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BDACT Renovation Plans for the Former St. Patrick School Building

If you are interested in making a donation to the building campaign or taking a building tour, please contact one of the fund-raising co-chairs:

Jim Flynn                email:    or call 920-948-4791

Annette Kamps        email:     or call 920-887-2093


BDACT has seized an exciting opportunity to go in a new direction for its building improvement plan.  After careful study, it was concluded that purchasing the former St. Patrick School at 117 West Maple Street, with the potential of converting it into a highly satisfactory theater venue hat a reasonable cost, would be a timely and productive decision for the following reasons and apparent comparisons:

  • Lower building improvement cost:  BDACT's current building improvements projection for 2015:  $2,980,000 (4% inflation)/ School building proposal projection for 2015:  $2,405,000
  • Increased space:  BDACT's current building improvement plan -- 15,000 total square feet; school building improvement plan--24,400 total square feet.
  • Newer building structure:  School built in 1949; BDACT's current building (former church) built in 1912.
  • Increased income potential:  Seating estimate at the school, including all performance areas after reconstruction--756, with main auditorium seating of 400; seating at the current building after reconstruction 611, with main auditorium seating of 280.  (Studio/TAT theater at the reconstructed school will also be larger with more seating.

Show Spirit Spotlight Challenge

Light up a past BDACT main season production with your donations to BDACT’s Building Fund. It’s simple! Just submit your name, your email address, and your show choice on the “Enter Now” page. *The Top Ten Spotlight Shows reaching an accumulation of a $1,000 or more and the names of those donors will be featured in the BDACT’s new lobby addition. 
Check this site each week for the top spotlight shows. Donate ANY amount(s), any time. Each dollar donated counts as one vote for the show. (Names, not amounts, will be listed on this site’s “Spotlight Contributors” page)Start now! Pass it on to your friends! Accumulate dollars as well as great memories along the way.


The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre has become a vital organization for our communities, offering so much opportunity for education and entertainment to everyone of all ages. For our youth, it is a “door” to explore their talents and future career choices, as well as a way to build their self-esteem and enjoy positive childhood experiences. For adults, it gives opportunities to discover and show talents, to build skills, to establish new friendships, and to gain a great sense of pride in their accomplishments.


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